Delanie Jenkins
Patterns for Disarmament III, IV, V, VI
Exhibition overview, 2011

Framed works on paper with shelves displaying correlating sculptures; images show details of four from the series of eight works.

Patterns for Disarmament began with the schoolyard hand game of rock-paper-scissors and questioning how the fragility of paper could disarm the rock, when smashing and cutting are so much more aggressive and the tightly closed fist, that emulates the rock, is such a strong symbol of power. As long as I can remember, images in the news often show people throughout the world so frustrated and powerless that they stockpile stones - all that they have - and take aim at their source of aggravation. Through conflict, a tool is transformed into a weapon of desperation and resistance. If this most basic weapon so frequently challenges the larger ones (guns, tanks) and sometimes wins . . . then perhaps by attempting to disarm the most basic weapon, all weapons can be deactivated.
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